Investment Management Ltd.

We are an employee owned investment management firm based in Vancouver, BC.  We offer two pooled funds and segregated portfolio management services for individuals, corporations, foundations and pension plans.  The firm started in 2005.


Olympia Trust redemptions and withdrawals (for Balanced Fund)
Olympia Trust takes 7 - 10 business days after the valuation date to deliver the funds by direct deposits to clients. Kindly allow more time if withdrawals are requested by cheque. Olympia Trust will charge a fee for issuing cheques. Depending on the withdrawal amount, Olympia Trust may call clients for confirmation before they release the funds.

Contact us if you have any questions. Fee schedule for Olympia Trust can be found here.
RRSP and RRIF Tax slips
Olympia Trust will not be mailing out tax slips for 2022. You can retrieve the slips by logging into the Olympia Client Portal,
selecting Forms and Resources and then selecting Tax Forms.
Olympia Trust Annual Administration Fees
Clients may have received an email from Olympia Trust about Annual Admin fee due for RRSP accounts. Please note that Olympia's system automatically charges the fee to all accounts and sends out an automated email to all account holders. These fees are paid on your behalf by the HughesLittle Balanced Fund and have been reversed by Olympia.
Purchasing Units
Value Fund's custodian, RBC Investor Services, are accepting both wire transfers and cheques of up to $250,000. For more information please click here.

Balanced Fund's custodian, Olympia Trust, is now accepting online contributions through their client portal.

Contact us for instructions for wire transfers or online contributions.
Fake Job Posting Alert
It has come to our attention that scammers are using our company name on job postings. Please note that there are no job openings at the moment. We urge job seekers to inspect email domains and stay alerted.
Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Our Conflict of Interest disclosure has been updated.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Client Complaints Disclosure
Update on the Current Environment
Please read our Letter to Clients, dated May 2022, addressing issues on the current environment.